Lenny's Bath Products


At Lenny's I make a variety of Bath Products, with new products

arriving weekly.

I have tried  provide a range of diffrent products to suit the

individuals need such as Bath Bombs to add an uplifting feel to

your bath, Bath Salts to revitalise your senses, Bath Melts to soften

and sooth tied skin and Bath Milks for that truly luxurious feeling.


My Bath Bombs are made with added botanicals, essential oils and

luxury oils like Shea Butter.


The Bath Salts are made with the finest sea salts with added

botanicals, essential oil and epsom salts.


 Bath Melts are made with the finest oils such as shea butter, cocoa

butter, sweet almond oils, with added essential and fragrance oils

and botanicals. Please be aware that these can make the bath slippy

when getting out.


And my Bath Milks are made with powdered goats milk, salts,

botanicals, with added essential and fragrance oils.