Welcome to Lenny's  Soaps .

Handmade Soaps, Bath Products,  Handbags,

Textile Art.


Welcome to Lenny's Soap.

I live in the Scottish Lowlands and run a small scale craft business

from home, all products on this website are made by myself. I

have always loved being creative and now want to share my

produce with others. I love making soaps and bath bombs, truffles,

salts, etc.  I also have a passion for sewing and no two pieces

produced are ever the same, handbags and purses will be added

each week.

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handmade sandalwood soap



Lenny's soaps are made using the cold process, where oils and lye

are mixed together with added extras such as spinach powder,

poppy seeds, red clay etc, to create different soaps. I try to ensure

that my products are sourced responsibly therefore I do pay extra

for my palm oil but as a result know that areas of rainforest are not

being destroyed so that I can make a nice soap. Also I now use

Austrialian Sandalwood as we are running out of Indian Sandal-

wood as the trees are not maturing as quick as we are bringing them

down. If there is a certain type of soap that you would like to see or

would like a fragrance free soap please get in touch on the contact us



If you have a farm shop or craft shop and would like to display

soaps, bath products, or some of my sewing crafts please get in touch

using the wholesale enquiries page.



handmade  bath truffles


Lenny's Bath products will relax, refresh, invigorate or just revive

you, depending on what you need, after a long day. They are also

great as a gift for a friend, partner or just to treat yourself.


I hope you enjoyed looking through my website